No company has a monopoly on great skills, good ideas or exciting product candidates. Algeta has an active partnering policy because we recognise that our corporate potential will only be fulfilled through collaborations with other leading biotechnology or pharmaceutical companies.


Algeta has a major partnership with Bayer Pharma AG to develop and commercialise radium-223 in global markets, including co-promotion within the US.  We also have in-license or co-development arrangements with Sanofi, Ablynx, Affibody, Immunomedics and other companies focussed on the development of targeted cancer therapeutics based on thorium-227.

We are always interested in hearing of well-founded opportunities in the field of cancer therapeutics that have a compelling rationale for addition to Algeta’s business. These may build on Algeta’s core technology platforms in alpha-pharmaceuticals, or go beyond that and provide for new programs that leverage our proven clinical development capabilities and/or US commercial expertise.

In all our partnerships, we aim to demonstrate the commitment and responsiveness that comes from being a small but growing company. We set ambitious goals for partnered programs and work hard to deliver them. For Algeta, every collaboration matters.


Algeta has a broad development program exploring multiple cancer therapeutic product opportunities using its thorium-227 payload technology – Targeted Thorium Conjugates (TTCs) – as potential alternatives to conventional antibody drug conjugates (ADCs). We are always interested in hearing from companies that have advanced well-validated antibodies that may benefit from arming with thorium-227.

We are also interested in hearing about other clinical-stage cancer therapeutics (NCEs) that are innovative and have a clear scientific rationale and registration strategy. In addition, compelling near market product opportunities addressing niche oncology markets or oncology supportive care may be considered. In all cases, as a minimum, US commercialisation rights are essential.